10 tips for successfully briefing a designer

How to brief a designer – 10 simple tips:


Successful design, whether that is web design or graphic design comes from an effective working relationship between the designer and your business.  For a lot of young small businesses this first piece of collaborative work could be the most expensive investment they have made in their early business lives, it’s also probably one of the most important.  Design is the shop window you are creating for your business, whether that is a service or a product.  Having the right look and feel portrayed to your customers is therefore important.  Getting this across to the designer is equally as important.

1.       Your product / background. 

Detail the story behind your company and its products / services.  Set the scene a little by adding something about the personality you wish to portray.

2.       Competition

Provide information about your competitors and their products or services.  What are the differences between them and your company?  What is your competitive advantage?  What marketing activity do they currently undertake?

3.       Media

Add your considerations about the type of media you wish to use in the future.  Will the designs be used in print or online?  Designs should be able to be translated across both online and offline media.

4.       Why?

What are your objectives for this design?  Attract more interest in your company and its products or services or to generate more sales?

5.       Who?

Describe who your ideal customers are and what they look for when purchasing products or services similar to yours.

6.       When

Have you a deadline for the design?  Is there any important seasonal activity relating to the project (Christmas etc)?

7.       Desired response

What would you like prospective customers to do when seeing this design?  Call, email, order online?

What emotional response would you like to achieve (excitement, envy, even fear!)

8.       Likes and dislikes

Give examples of design that you like – even if it’s not related to your business and the industry it’s in.

9.       Feedback

How are you going to measure the effectiveness of the activity the design relates to?  Have you carried out any market research on current marketing activity?  What has worked well in the past?

10.   Budget

Have an idea what you want to spend on the design project, even if it’s a rough estimate.



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