6 top marketing tips


By Stuart Hartley @anglestuart


Marketing can be a mine field for small business owners – social media, designers, advertising – and that’s just the promotional bit of marketing! However it is a vital activity for all businesses.  Follow these 6 tips to try and guide your marketing efforts to be more effective and efficient.

  1. Be consistent.  Be consistent with everything you do and say about your business, its services or products.  If your price is relatively high and you are selling high quality goods or services ensure that you use high quality marketing materials, ensure that you use a colour palette that offers quality and ensure that you use words that portray quality.  It might sound obvious but you will be amazed how many businesses I have seen without consistency.
  2. Try and get into the shoes of your potential customers.  Think about what choice criteria they will use (price, quality, reliability, brand etc).  Think about how they will find your products or services.  Think about how they will want to buy your products or services – online, face to face.
  3. Set goals.  What do you want to achieve with each marketing activity?  Create more traffic to your website, increase sales, gain more appointments.  By knowing what you want to achieve only then will you know whether you have achieved it
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of social media now.  Consider how you can make the best of a low cost (generally other than time) method of reaching potential customers.  One of the best social media campaigns I have seen in recent times was the Coca Cola bottle names.  Each time someone posted a picture of themselves on facebook or Twitter holding a related bottle of Coke it was free advertising.
  5. Please don’t forget a call to action.  What would you like people to do after reading your marketing material or your website?
  6. Get feedback.  Marketing activity can be expense and / or time consuming.  Repeating the same activity time and time again could therefore be a costly mistake.  Find out how enquiries hear about you, review the information and use it to drive more informed campaigns next time.

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