Is advertising right for your business?


By Stuart Hartley @anglestuart

A bold statement but true for some businesses in some sectors.

To many people advertising IS marketing.  Advertising however is one small part of the overall mix of available communication mechanisms you can use to spread awareness and interest in your business and its products.


As you can see each one has its benefits and its downsides and as such there is no ideal one mechanism for your business.  A blend of most, if not all, should be used to create the most effective promotional mix for your business.  Think of each as a key ingredient in a recipe, get the right mix of ingredients in the right amounts and you can create a wonderful meal.  Get the wrong mix with the wrong amounts and you create quite the opposite.  This is the same with your business.

Traditionally some businesses will use more of one mechanism than another.  Services, such as legal and accountancy, are often sold by people to people so personal selling mechanisms are used such as networking over sales promotions or advertising.  However if your business is retail based you are likely to find that sales promotions and direct marketing will be more effective.

One piece of advice. 

Place yourself in the shoes of the person that would buy your product or service.  Think about how they would find that particular product or service.  Would they look on line, take personal recommendation, look for an advert?  Don’t just rely on your thoughts ask friends, advisors, family.  Typically the answer you come to should be the mechanism you emphasise in your marketing efforts.

One final bit of advice. 

Always seek feedback from your enquiries.  Try and write in a feedback loop to your marketing efforts in order to find out how your enquiries heard about you.  This way you can ascertain which marketing medium is most effective.  Without it you could be spending lots of money on one particular mechanism without it bringing and return.


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